Peter Alexopoulos




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Peter Alexopoulos serves as the President of Centaur. As a Principal and co-founder of the business, Peter has been instrumental in its growth and development as a cutting-edge industry leader. His specific responsibilities include all legal, corporate and financial departments. Peter is directly responsible for the Real Estate Management business of Centaur, which includes performing feasibility studies, overseeing the due diligence process, as well as implementing and overseeing the day to day management of an asset. The ability to diligently review, organize, and structure the many facets of Centaur’s existence has been paramount in its ability to grow and thrive.Possessing a keen eye for business at an early age, Peter was named one of Chicago’s “Young Entrepreneurs” by the Chicago Tribune in 1986. That same year Peter was published in Money Magazine, further encouraging his growth as a successful businessman and rewarding his meticulous attention to detail in handling complex transactions.

Throughout the nineties Peter was exposed to various facets of the construction industry by family and friends, reveling in the process of creation. It was only after working in the accounting department of Marriot Hotels that Peter realized his passion for construction could compliment his acumen in accounting and business.

With the perfect complement in his partner, Spiro Tsaparas, Peter was able to focus on developing Centaur to his exacting standards. An avid intellectual, Peter augmented his numeric prowess with an honors degree in Electrical Contracting and Maintenance from the Coyne American Institute.

Peter lives with his wife Sandy and their two sons. His life outside Centaur revolves around playing an active role in his children’s academic and athletic endeavors, as well as involvement with the local parish.